Lady Liberty in Pastel Balance Due

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Lady Liberty in Pastel Balance Due


Lady Liberty in Pastel
Balance Due* - $3000 - $6,000 total
96" wide x 72" high (8ft x 6ft)
Signed by the artist
Comes with a certificate of authenticity
Shipping included

This artwork is a unique variation and will have differences in texture and color from the ones pictured. A commission is a completely new creation by the artist. The pastel colors of “Lady Liberty facing front” will be utilized and matched to the best of the artist’s ability. “Lady Liberty Gold (quarter turn)” will be referenced as the subject matter, though the painting will be “landscape” orientation. Because of this, more of the image will be revealed (extension of her arm on the left side and crown and shoulder on the right side). See third image with drawings.

By purchasing this artwork, you agree to the terms stated and understand your art will be similar but not an exact replica of either reference images.

*As a private commission is personal to a particular collector, a 50% non-refundable deposit is due before work can began. The artist will work to the collector’s specifications to ensure 100% satisfaction.

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