The Art Of Joe Everson

The Art Of Joe Everson

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "unique variation?"

Often times, after a painting is sold, people will ask Joe to paint the same or similar subject matter. A "unique variation" is a completely original painting, made from scratch, only using the same subject. The colors and brush strokes will vary because it is a unique work of art, created especially for the buyer.


How long does it take to receive a commissioned painting?

Though Joe is a quick painter, he always wants to deliver a high-quality end result. That being said, painting times will differ based on the medium and subject matter. An oil painting takes weeks to dry, while an acrylic painting or watercolor only take hours. Joe will discuss a deadline with you during the planning process.


Can Joe paint anything I want?

Joe is an extremely versatile artists and can most likely take on any project you can conjure up in your mind. Joe reserves the right to take on or decline and project due to time constraints or subject matter requested.