The Art Of Joe Everson

The Art Of Joe Everson

Description of Performance

Joe Everson will perform a live-action painting while singing the National Anthem. Joe traveled professionally in a quartet before moving full time to visual arts. He has a beautiful voice and couples that with his talent of performance painting. There is a special surprise at the end. Joe reveals to the crowd that he has been painting upside down, as he spins the canvas to unveil a military image. This performance will be a highlight of your event.

Description of Services

Joe Everson will provide the following services for your organization:

  • Live-action painting while simultaneously singing the National Anthem (Star Spangled Banner).
  • Joe provides all canvas, paint, brushes, drop cloths, easel, and any other materials related to the live-action painting.

What we need from your organization:

Microphone headset or earset only. Lavalier will not suffice, as artists moves too much during performance.

  • Cameraman with shoulder-mounted rig for up-close, live feed to the jumbotron.
  • Recording of the performance for proposal use only.


  • Due to the high-amount of requests, please fill out the form below and we will reach out to you.


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